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We Buy Sterling Silver

We buy sterling silver including all items marked sterling such as flatware, tea sets, plates, knives, forks, cups, and spoons.

For items with maker's marks, we can test for sterling silver, or silver plate.

Sterling silver flatware

Sell Us Your Sterling Silver

100% free appraisals/valuations for your sterling silver flatware, jewelry, tea sets, cups, and other silver items.

If it's made of silver, we will buy it!

Sterling silver tea set

Bring your sterling silver to our shop for a 100% free appraisal and an offer, or call for a free consultation.

An appointment is suggested if you have a large number of items.

During your visit, your sterling silver items will be evaluated and the values will be explained.

We will make a cash offer on the spot.

Our sterling silver offers are very competitive and we will usually beat any other quotes received from other companies!

Niton Precious Metal Analyzer

Sterling silver evaluations are done with the latest technology

Precise metal content is guaranteed by our X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, which can measure the exact percentage amount of over 20 elements and all precious metals. Only Gold Hill Coin can provide exact metal content percentages and pay you the most money.

If you're wondering where to sell your sterling silver in the San Francisco Bay Area, make an appointment!

We buy Rare Coins, Coin Collections, Foreign Coins, Paper Money

Experts in several areas are on staff. Please call to make an appointment.

We pay CASH for your gold jewelery, platinum bands, palladium

Our X-ray fluorescence spectrometer precisely measures over 20 elements and exact percentages

We buy Chinese, Asian, Ancient Rare Coins

Gold Hill Coin is one of the few places that have real expertise in Asian coins, world coins, pandas, and ancient coins.